Spencers Micro Controlled Cryostat Microtome (Model No. : 1010-SMT-012)

Spencers Cryostat Microtome is specifically designed for Cryotechniques suitable for Clincal & Research operation. SPENCERS Cryostat with its ergonomic design guarantees relaxed efficient working conditions. The microtome offers the performance, ease-of-use and versatility to make it the ideal instrument in all types of laboratory work. The Cryostat Microtome is used for cutting thin sectionsof fresh, frozen material.


Temperature range:

Temperature : -45 °C.


Spacious Cryochamber:

It provides convenient access to the elegantly designed freezing chamber with the best quality controlled refrigeration system which can be set to maintain temperature upto -45 degrees C. The cryo bar inside the cryo chamber enables fast freezing of the specimen. Microtome Control functions are outside chamber. Open top design to minimize temp gain during prolonged use. Waste fluids drain efficiently into easy access collection jar.


The Microtome:

With a proven track record for cutting a diverse range of hard and soft tissues, plastics, rubber, bone, manmade fibres, wood and many other materials . The cryostat is designed specifically for low temperature operation. The rotary microtome at the heart of the cryostat is designed specifically for high performance and at the same time withstand up to the rigorous conditions imposed by frozen section work. The microtome mechanism is housed outside the cryochamber for easy cleaning & maintainance.


Product Features:

Designed with maintenance free roller bearing slide ways.

Precise mechanism that ensures optimum sectioning results.

All locks & adjustments are readily accessible for fast & safe operation.

A heavy and rigid base to render a shake proof operation.

High precision and stability for fast, secure and comfortable operation.

Convenient and accurate specimen advance.

Reduces hand stress via smooth-running hand wheel.





Section Thickness Indication

Visual LCD display

Range of section thickness

1 - 99μm( in 1 μm steps )

Coarse specimen advance


Horizontal specimen feed

25 mm

Vertical specimen stroke

60 mm(+/-1mm)

Specimen orientation

Orientation in three axes (360 degrees)

Knife Holder Adjustments

North-south Adjustment with Clockwise Clamping Mechanism

Type of Knife used

Microtome Knives of size 100-180MM


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