Spencers Cryostat Microtome (Model No. : 1010-SMT-011)

Spencers Cryostat Microtome is specifically designed for  Cryotechniques suitable for Clinical & Research operation. SPENCERS Cryostat with its ergonomic design guarantees relaxed efficient working conditions. The microtome offers the performance, ease-of-use and versatility to make it the ideal instrument in all types of laboratory work. The Cryostat Microtome is used for cutting thin sections of fresh, frozen material.


Product  Features:

Spacious Cryo chamber.

Quick freeze Cryo bar.

Microtome housed at the back outside cryo chamber.

Smooth running handwheel with motion lock.

Powerful quick response refrigeration system.

Interior Lighting.

Microprocessor based digital Temperature Control & Display.

Heavy duty castors for easy movement of the unit.

Motorized specimen Forward & reverse.

Robust Ergonomically Designed Microtome.





Temperature Range

-40 Degrees C

Section Thickness Indication

Visual display

Range of section thickness

1 - 60μm
2 to 10 in 1 μm steps
10 to 20 in 2 μm steps
20 to 60 in 5 μm steps

Horizontal specimen feed

25 mm

Vertical specimen stroke

60 mm(+/-1mm)

Knife Holder Adjustments

North-south Adjustment with
Clockwise Clamping Mechanism

Reverse Wheel

Trimming Operation with reverse
Wheel(Forward & reverse buttons)

Type of Knife used

Microtome Knives of size 100-180MM

Disposable Blade

Can be used with SPENCERS blade


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