Spencers Walk in Cold Cum Freezer Rooms (Model No. : 1220-SWC-021 series)

SPENCERS Walk in freezers with its modular, prefabricated PUF insulated panels with cam locks, can be extended in three directions (height, width and depth), offering a very large number of volume combinations. SPENCERS walk in freezers are turnkey deliveries that are built according to the requirements of each site and customer. These rooms are typically controlled between 0°C and -20°C with a control tolerance of ± 2°C or better and have a reputation for reliability, quality, and performance.




Walk in Cold Room for Vaccine Storage.

Walk in Cold Room for Fruits & Vegetable Storage.

Walk in Cold Room for Laboratories, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Industries

Walk in Cold Room for Preparation Rooms, Test Chambers and Industrial Applications.




Pre - Fabricated Cam Locking Puff Panels.

Pre - Assembled Rooms.




15' X 12' X 8' ; 20' X 10' X 10' ; 20' X 12' X 8' ; 25' X 12' X 8' ETC...

Custom (Tailor make) options.




Dependability, low maintenance & Value.

Temperature Uniformity & Temperature Control Stability.

Optimum Transition Rates of Temperature.

Sturdy design and long-lasting finish.

Quick & Easy to install.

Custom built to customers design, specifications & loadings.




Shelves/Racks/trays - Tailor make (End user specific).

Twin refrigeration systems.

Temperature Recorder.

Temperature Data Logger.

High and low temperature alarms.





Model No.





And More

Temp. Range

+10 to -20 deg. C

+10 to -20 deg. C

+10 to -20 deg. C

+10 to -20 deg. C

As required

Chamber Size

15' X 10' X 8'

20’ x 12’ x 8’

25’ x 12’ x 8’

30’ x 15’ x 8’

As required


Microprocessor based controller

Temp. Display

Digital LED/LCD


Pre-fabricated panels made of stainless steel / GI sheet or combination.

Puff Panels

Pre-engineered polyurethane foamed panels fastened together by means of Cam Locks actuated by an Allen Key and two stage Cam action speed locks to assemble panels together.

Outer Panels

Outer panels are made of GI coated/ CPRCA sheet/Stainless Steel

Interior Panels

Interior panels are made of Stainless Steel / Pre-painted Sheet.


Stainless steel panel floors are available and in addition, Spencers offers a variety of insulated floors depending on the kind of application. For normal Walk-in applications, Modular floor panels with an aluminium chequered plates are also provided.


Single leaf, hinged type doors with magnetic gaskets for tight sealing provide easy access to Pre fab rooms. Safety release knob enable easy opening from inside even when door is locked. (Doors available as per user requirement)

Door Locks

Doors to cold rooms are lockable with 100% fail safe provision for opening from the inside. Robust lock with key & failsafe feature.


Polyurethane foam insulation with a thickness of 100mm


Stainless steel / Aluminium racks as per customer requirement.


Interior fluorescent lightning.


SPENCERS superior refrigeration system with optional Backup refrigeration system.


Heavy duty Air-cooled compressor. The compressor is distinguished by its excellent performance, low noise level (<60dB) and minimal vibration.


Highly efficient condenser with automatic condensate evaporating system.


Internal evaporator system Forced draught


Non-CFC/HCFC environmental friendly based on compressor capacity.


Electric defrost / Automatic timer defrost.


Fitted with an audio-visual alarm system to warn of high or low temperature.

Power Supply

220 volts,50Hz / 110 volts,60Hz.


Temperature Recorder/Data logger; Voltage Safety System; Alarm system for various parameters with rechargeable battery backup, twin refrigeration system etc.




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