Spencers Centrifuge Refrigerated (Model No. : 1070-SRSC-001 series)

SPENCERS Refrigerated Centrifuges are designed for a wide range of laboratory applications requiring speed from low to very high ultra seeds. The system is virtually maintenance free and is ready to go whenever you are. Spencers refrigerated centrifuge combines well proven technologies with innovations in masterly way. The robust design is proven and offers reliable technique on a smallest space. Spencers Refrigerated Centrifuge is a reliable unit offerening consistent and reproducible results and is is able to do the most monotonous and potentially hazardous procedures with a push of a button.


Automatic lid lock for added safety.

Digital LED / LCD display of parameters.

Microprocessor and micro controller based control systems.

Touch pad key menu and programmable settings.

Maintenance free drive.

Motorized lid lock and automatic imbalance detection.

Program settings and control for setting programs.

RPM / RCF settings as desired.





Maximum RCF : 14,700 x g.

Maximum RPM : 10,500

Temperature Range : - 10 to +40 degrees C

4 or 6 swing out rotor heads as per requirement.

Spencers superior refrigeration system with CFC free refrigerant.

Fast and superior cooling.

Programmable acceleration and declaration time.

Timer function.

Power supply : 220 volts, 50Hz / 110 volts, 60Hz.



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